PackageDescription: StoreRegexPrerequisitePolicy

Store Regex Prerequisite Policy

Last published: December 21, 2010 by 'randy'

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This package provides an alternative PrerequisitePolicy for Store. This policy inherits from BasicPrerequisitePolicy, and so has the same settings. It adds another setting, versionRegex, which is a Regex11-style regular expression that specifies which pundle version numbers will be considered as viable pre-requisites when loading from Store.

As with BasicPrerequisitePolicy, if a suitable version cannot be found, a list of available versions will be displayed for selection. By default, the versionRegex is .*, so all version strings will match. You can modify this to whatever works for your version numbering conventions.

This package also adds an additional setting to the Store->Prerequisites page in the VW settings tool.

When this package is loaded, it automatically installs the new PrerequisitePolicy (copying your existing settings from BasicPrerequisitePolicy). When it is unloaded, it restores the policy back to BasicPrerequisitePolicy (copying your existing settings once again).