PackageDescription: StorePlugins(Bundle)

Store Plugins

Last published: April 23, 2005 by 'klnsrgn'

Simple plugin hooks for Store. A Store plugin gets notified when a bundle/package ("pundle") is loaded. Also, a plugin might intervene before publishing or loading a pundle. See protocol 'API' of the class Store.Plugins.StorePlugin.

Active plugins can be configured in the RB using the tab "Store Plugins" (visible when a pundle is selected).

Provided as-is, use at your own risk!
Only use this package with versions of VisualWorks correlating with the version of this package (the package contains various overrides)

The bundle also contains some example plugins for Store:
- LintCheckinPlugin: Performs a Lint check on a pundle before publishing
- SignaturePlugin: Creates a package signature (using methods and class definitions) when publishing. Checks the signature after loading a package.
- PrerequisiteCyclePlugin: Checks that there are no cyclic development/deployment prerequisites
- BlessingLevelPlugin: Warns when a pundle with an unstable blessing level is loaded
- LoggingPlugin: Just logs when loading/publishing a pundle