PackageDescription: StoreGlorp(Bundle)

Store Glorp

Last published: February 23, 2009 by 'aknight'

This is a bundle that gathers together various packages associated with providing Store functionality using Glorp to provide the database back-end. Among the things included here are

The basic StoreForGlorp functionality, a set of descriptors for a Store database.
A repository crawler that will produce a simple set of HTML pages, google-indexed, for discovering what interesting things are in a repository. Used to produce
StoreForGlorpBrowserUI, a set of hopefully platform-independent code for allowing the Refactoring Browser to interact with these domain objects.
StoreForGlorpReplication, the ability to replicate package and bundle versions from one database to another. This is the same sort of replication facility found in StoreReplication, but can take advantage of some database optimizations to go significantly faster, especially against a remote target database, and has some other bells and whistles, including auto-replication.
StoreForGlorpVWUI, a VisualWorks specific set of UIs for working with Store objects, including a UI for replication, the auto-replicator hooked up to VW settings, browsing class versions in the RB, and a Store Workbook for conveniently running queries against a Store database.
Utilities for publishing to Store from other dialects, which Niall Ross has been working on, particularly for VW 3 interchange between ENVY and Store. These aren't the complete set of necessary code, and are as yet unfinished.