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Store For My SQL

Last published: April 11, 2008 by 'tgagne'

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This parcel implements a Store interface using the MySQL 5.0 database backend. Additionally, it also includes some unauthorized fixes to MySQLEXDI. These include:

MySQLBuffer #canHold:
MySQLSession #acquireBuffers:, #answerOfClass, #bindExternal, #outputBufferPtrsArray, #outputBufferPtrsArray:


Because MySQL only allows CREATE statements inside an "administrative" session,before installing the tables it is necessary to modify MySQLBroker's class-side method #connectionClass as:


To install the tables, select the code below and "doit". Be sure to select the MySQLHybridConnection.
Store.DbRegistry installDatabaseTables.

After installing the tables you can change the code back to:


0.5 4/10/2008
removed obsolete overrides
integrated David Wallen's suggestions