PackageDescription: StoreForGlorpBrowserUI

Store For Glorp Browser UI

Last published: May 17, 2011 by 'sames'

Defines 31 Classes
Extends 34 Classes

This is UI-related code that is hopefully platform-independent, relying on the refactoring browser mechanisms. This package holds the core code used by both VW7 and other dialects: VA, VW3, Dolphin, etc.
- StoreForGlorpNonVW7RB extends these classes with methods only needed needed by the other dialects.
These methods can be loaded in VW7 (and should be when refactoring) and do not prevent the code working.
- StoreForGlorpVWUI extends these classes with methods only needed in VW7.
These should not be loaded in other dialects; they rely on VW7 RB class shape changes.

The navigator, environment and state subclasses override the standard RB browser classes to offer a shadow browser on Store for Glorp items. (Later, browsing loaded Store for Glorp items and shadow-browsing unloaded items will be more distinguished, probably by further subclassing.)

In VW7, the RB navigator parts put object name strings in ObjectNameWrappers, extracting the fullname again when handing them to the state or the environment. In other dialects, where the refactoring of the navigator into parts and a state has not yet been done, this navigator collaborates with the environment to mimic this pattern. The environment hands out object name wrappers in calls that these other dialects use, and the navigator extracts the fullname when it gets the object from its widgets and hands it on.