PackageDescription: StoreForAccess

Store For Access

Last published: January 17, 2003 by 'bobw'

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Extends 7 Classes

This package adds support for Store to use a Microsoft Access database as its repository. The Microsoft Access database will be accessed through an ODBC connection. Since the database is connected to through the ODBC drivers, you do not need Microsoft Access on your machine. Most recent versions of Windows already have the ODBC drivers installed. If your machine does not, you can download the drivers from Microsoft [].

To use an Access database as your repository, you first need to set an ODBC source for your database in the Windows control panel. There are three empty databases in the zip file [] that you can use depending on what version of ODBC drivers you have loaded. Each database file has the version of Office that it is using in the name (e.g., Store-2000.mdb is using Access 2000's database file format).

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