PackageDescription: Store-PublishedItems Enhancement

Store - Published Items Enhancement

Last published: February 2, 2005 by 'vbykov'

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When browsing published items in a Store repository, the pundles' comments will now be shown. This small package patches the 'Store-UI' package in order to show the current version's comments, when no specific version is selected.

Bundle/Package comments are extremely helpful, especially when browsing dozens of interdependent items, or other people's work. This little patch might encourage more developers to add helpful comments and instructions to their packages to make the public repository better accessible to new users.

Published items now also indicate their current state by the following visual clues:

bold = pundle is present in image
bold * = pundle in image is modified (dirty)
bold ^ = newer version is available in repository

This way one can see at a glance, which items in the image are outdated.

This code is not copyrighted. Feel free to use and modify it for any purpose you like.