PackageDescription: Store-Database Model

Store - Database Model

Last published: July 20, 2009 by 'tgriggs'

Defines 35 Classes
Extends 39 Classes

This package provides a GLORP descriptor system that maps a set of domain objects representing Store bundles, packages, classes, and so forth, into the Store database schema. It's a fairly arbitrary set of domain objects, but ones which are reasonably easy to manipulate.

Keywords: Glorp, Object-Relational Mapping, Store, Database, Source Code Control

Also, this code doesn't actually do anything on its own, it's just usable as a basis for building tools that work with the Store schema.

This code is public domain, and comes with absolutely no warranty of any kind. Before using it against a Store repository with real code in it you should be very sure to have appropriate backups in place.