PackageDescription: Steroids


Last published: April 14, 2005 by 'jamesr'

Defines 10 Classes
Extends 12 Classes

Steroids is a Eliot's optimization of the Java Asteroids which was a Smalltalk re-implemenation of Mike Hall's Asteroids. Whew. After loading you should see a workspace automatically opened containing some not-so-useful information. Also, two crudely draw toolbar buttons on the Launcher will launch the game. One button will launch the non-throttled version of the game and the other will launch the throttled (fixed frame rate) version of Asteroids. If for some reason the launcher does not have the toolbar button, the following do-it will launch the game:

Steroids.AsteroidsAppModel open

Some reference links can be found at:

- Eliot Miranda & Bob Westergaard