PackageDescription: Stampy(Bundle)


Last published: April 20, 2013 by 'mkobetic'

New life for Stamp? Maybe. Maybe not. Stamp was a simple mail client for VisualWorks. Stampy is the second re-incarnation of it, this time built on top of the Net frameworks. It has a standalone back-end (StampySystem) and pluggable front-end (MailBrowser). The MessageEditor is for editing existing or writing new messages (it doesn't need the MailBrowser, just the back-end system). The back-end runs autonomously, it polls for new mail, sorts incoming messages and notifies any interested parties with announcements. It manages a Thunderbird style directory structure of mail archives where individual folders are unix mbox files. It supports multiple mail accounts, rule based messages processing, etc. There's moderate amount of mostly up to date comments throughout, so don't be shy to browse around.

To get started set the mail folder directory in the settings and you can open a reader. If you feel adventurous point Stampy at a Thunderbird mail archive (or any other mbox style mail archive). HOWEVER, please make sure you use a throw-away copy of the archive unless you're sure YOU can handle anything that might happen to it. The chance of something going seriously wrong is very real. I reserve every right to completely ignore even the most desperate plea for help.

- other/better front-ends ?
- a Seaside based front end could be useful, it would allow running a StampySystem on one dedicated host and working with it on any machine on the network through a web browser.
- Stampy opens some interesting integration possibilities, it would be trivial to add support for emailing arbitrary objects around, the more interesting challenge is coming up with useful applications
- with full message objects at your fingertips maybe we could come up with more sophisticated email management capabilities
- more comprehensive test suite wouldn't hurt