PackageDescription: SqueakImporter

Squeak Importer

Last published: January 30, 2009 by 'mlucassmith'

Defines 25 Classes
Extends 29 Classes

This package is an importer from Monticello HTTP repositories to convert Squeak source code to VisualWorks. This generally involves creating packages, namespaces, prerequisites, comments, filtering out Squeak specific code, that sort of stuff. The package allows to auto load and publish the latest Squeak source files.

You subclass Importer to fill in the methods in the 'rules' protocol. Each rule has an example comment in it.

To use, send something like:
SqueakImporter.ImporterSeaside28 import

To load and publish the latest versions automatically:
- update the component list to import Importer class>>importComponents
- set database profile to publish packages
Importer dbProfile: 'local'.
- execute
Importer autoImportAllAndPublish.