PackageDescription: SpiderSolitaire(Bundle)

Spider Solitaire

Last published: January 18, 2017 by 'nross'

This is a game of Spider Solitaire written by David Buck.

To play, run
SpiderSolitaireUI open

You can start a game with 1 suit (the easiest), 2 suits (harder) or 4 suits (almost impossible). The goal is to build sequences of cards of the same suit running from King down to Ace. When you have a complete sequence of the same suit, the sequence is added to your "finished" piles at the bottom of the window. You can grab and move any stack of cards that are in descending order and have the same suit. You can drop a stack onto an empty column or onto a column whose bottom card is the next one up from the stack you are dragging (even if it's a different suit). For example, you can drop a stack containing a 3 of spades, 2 of spades and Ace of spades onto a 4 of hearts.

Clicking on the undealt cards will deal a new card from the undealt stacks in the bottom right onto each of the 10 columns.

If you need help, you can hit the Hint button and it will show you a legal move (although not necessarily the best legal move).