PackageDescription: SpellcheckHighlighting

Spellcheck Highlighting

Last published: December 13, 2011 by 'jkott'

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This package adds a reusable SpellingHighlighter and uses it to check spelling in various code tools. It will check spelling of everything including the keyword constituents of selectors (splitting on camel-case boundaries).

To reuse the highlighter in your application model, make sure #addHighlighters is invoked in its #postBuildWith: method, and add an extension method along these lines:


SpellingHighlighter on: (self widgetAt: #TheIdOfTheWidgetYouWantToSpellcheck) controller

You can use methods in the SpellingHighlighter configuring protocol to control when the highlighter works through settings. By default, it uses the "forPlain" method, which restricts only by the master spell-checking switch. If you wanted to tie this, for example, to the comments switch, your extension method would look like this:


(SpellingHighlighter on: (self widgetAt: #TheIdOfTheWidgetYouWantToSpellcheck) controller) forComments

You can add your own spelling restriction controls and settings using the configuring methods as examples.