PackageDescription: Smallapack(Bundle)


Last published: March 19, 2023 by 'nice'

Smallapack is a Bundle grouping all packages of Smallapack (The Smalltalk interface to LAPACK).

LAPACK is the linear algebra package written in FORTRAN and available at [].
Many languages have an interface to LAPACK (C, C++, JAVA, FORTRAN-95, etc...).
Most popular environment for engineers are built upon it (Matlab, Octave, Scilab, R-lab, etc...).

Main advantages of LAPACK are:
- huge library of numerical algorithms available
- numerically robust implementations
- efficient implementation using BLAS
- worldwide used well tested and debugged library

Now, Smalltalk has its interface too.
Smallapack should be a basic pre-requisite for building efficient and professional applications dealing with large Matrix and number crunching.
Smallapack access is free, both for commercial and non commercial applications. See licence below.

Hope it will help promoting use of Smalltalk in scientific and engineers applications.
You can also get a few informations at [].


LICENSE: (MIT) see copyright