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Defines 205 Classes
Extends 192 Classes

This is the Siren 9.0 Music/Sound Package for Visualworks Smalltalk

The Siren system is a general-purpose software framework for music and sound composition, processing, performance, and analysis; it is a collection of about 350 classes written in Smalltalk-80. This version of Siren (9.0) works on VisualWorks Smalltalk (available for free for non-commercial use, see and supports streaming I/O via OpenSoundControl (OSC), MIDI, and multi-channel audio ports. The Siren release (with supporting external code) is available via the web from the URL

Siren is a programming framework and tool kit; the intended audience is Smalltalk developers, or users willing to learn Smalltalk in order to write their own applications. The built-in applications are meant as demonstrations of the use of the libraries, rather than as end-user applications. Siren is not a MIDI sequencer, nor a score notation editor, through both of these applications would be easy to implement with the Siren framework.

There are several elements to Siren:
the Smoke music representation language
(music magnitudes, events, event lists, generators, functions, and sounds);
voices, schedulers and I/O drivers
(real-time and file-based voices, sound, score, and MIDI I/O);
user interface components for musical applications
(UI framework, tools, and widgets); and
several built-in applications
(editors and browsers for Smoke objects).

There are external packages for the external DLLCC C code for using LibSndFile, PortMIDI, FFTW, PortAudio and OSC, as well as SWIG-based I/O Interfaces to both CSL and Loris

You can down-load the full release from or github or the Cincom Smalltalk repository

The official Siren home page is

Here are the on-line Docs: The best in-depth doc (book chapter) is in,

The read the demo code workbook (this text), go to,

If you like to read manuals, take a look at,

Watch the detailed Siren demo at,

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