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Simple Little Things

Last published: May 3, 2007 by 'lungu'

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Several simple (and obviously little) things which make one's life easier when using VW

OS X Specific Little Things
* ctrl-click works as mouse left button
* editing shortcuts is now consistent with OS X (meta-{c,v,x})
* implicit shortcuts for dialog buttons that elliminate the need for mouse or tabs+enter. On command-{letter} the button which has a label starting with letter is pressed (obviously if there is no other button label which starts with the same letter).

Non-OS X-Specific Little Things
* Code editor: the identation is preserved after return key press
* Debugger, inspector and refactoring browser remember their size and position
* The Extras menu in the Refactoring Browser which contains the following:
-- 'Add instance variables and create accessors' - (Shift+Ctrl+V) - adding instance variables without clicks...
-- 'Show Class Method in New Window' (Shift+Ctrl+K)
-- 'Find Class and Open In New Window' (Shift+Ctrl+G)
* When you Publish a pundle and you are disconnected from the repository you get two confirmatioin dialogs ("are you sure?", and the actual connection dialog) where one would be sufficient. Removed the useless one.
* for #halt and #doesNotUnderstand the debugger window opens on the second message on the stack. This because, most probably, the user does not care of seing the code of those methods

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