PackageDescription: SimpleFileBrowser

Simple File Browser

Last published: February 12, 2013 by 'mkobetic'

Defines 3 Classes
Extends 7 Classes

This is a simplified version of the FileBrowser without the tree view, showing just the currently selected directory which makes opening the browser instantaneous. Navigation is performed by diving into directories and going up using the added toolbar button. It adds few add-on features, like a toolbar button for going into the VISUALWORKS directory and bookmarking support. Bookmarks can be pre-initialized globally like this:

Tools.FileTools.SimpleFileBrowser bookmarks: (
Menu new
addItemLabel: 'Doc' value: ('$(HOME)/doc' tokensBasedOn: $/);
addItemLabel: 'Info' value: ('$(HOME)/inf' tokensBasedOn: $/);
yourself )