PackageDescription: Silt(Bundle)


Last published: July 31, 2013 by 'jamesr'

Silt is a blog server implementation for VW 7.x

To Create a new blog, use Tools>>Blog Manager, then the "New" button. All you need to add is an email address for the "maintainer" field. You should then be able to access the blog in a browser with:


make sure that the file "" exists in the working directory. the postLoad actions should have done that

To access the blog programmatically (here I assume that you stayed with the default name 'blog'):

blog := BlogSaver named: 'blog'.

"get all recent posts"
recentPosts := blog fetchAllRecentPosts.

"get all recent posts for a category"
recentInCategory := blog fetchBlogsbySearchCategory: someCategory

"get the most recent N posts in a category"
recentInCategory := blog fetchBlogs: howMany bySearchCategory: someCategory

"get a specific post by entry ID"
blogPost := blog entryFor: entryID

"get most recent post"
lastPost := blog blog fetchAllRecentPosts first.

To learn more about the API, look at class BlogSaver, specifically, the api categories