PackageDescription: ServiceStartup

Service Startup

Last published: January 27, 2015 by 'stevek'

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This package shows the basic usage of WinService by merging the relevant parts of two Coast classes, COAST.CoastApplicationConfiguration from COBase and COAST.CoastMediator. Unnecessary parts of and dependencies on COAST are removed (earlier versions contained them commented out). See Startup class comment for more documentation.

The license for this is MIT, as with WinService itself. This package is based on the small subset of methods of the two COAST classes that are involved in using WinService, and has abstracted them to create a new class that provides a more generic example to using WinService. It could easily be rewritten to remove similarities with the original COAST code, but keeping similarities should hopefully make it easier to update this in response to bug corrections or improvements in COAST and its use of WinService.

Since WinService package >= 1.0.12 has its own high-level WinService facade class on the low-level WinServiceInterface, Startup now delegates the actual service work to that. The remaining functionality in Startup is mostly command line processing, image saving and startup.
Steven Kelly,