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Serial Win 3 2

Last published: November 23, 2004 by 'willi'

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┬ęKarl-Heinz Fandrey 2004. Licensed under the LGPL.

This package allows you to use serial communication in a Win32 environment using a Win32TtyAccessor that behaves like *TtyAccesors provided for other OS. It comes without any warranty, use it on your own risk!

This is a very first release and might not work for all cases. I'm using it in binary mode only - not hardware or software handshake, except in the transfer protocol. The code is using MS services via DLLCC. The basic informations on how this should work are available from the Microsoft developer network, see . Because of limitations - or misunderstandings? - the DLLCC part reads into/writes from a shared queue byte by byte. This is potentially risky because an open but unused serial line will blow up your image by putting data onto the queue. Also, error handling with the send and receive code is very ugly and needs rework.

This release is intended to be starting point and everyone who sees room for improvements is welcome :-)