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Seaside Settings

Last published: May 27, 2006 by 'mbany'

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Part of Seaside Bonus Pack version SeasideBonusPack 2.6b1.3 26 May 2006, 12:41:56 pm

SeasideSettings -- Extensions to VisualWorks for configuring Seaside

This optional parcel should be loaded into the image before Seaside.
It will add a couple of Seaside pages to the VisualWorks settings.
These settings can be used to supply the configuration parameters
needed by the Seaside installation, for instance :
- The Seaside administrator name
- The Seaside administrator password
- The type of Web server HTTP or CGI
- The Web server port
- The Seaside web site name

Some of the available settings will be used to disable/enable user actions
during Seaside installation. If desired, the Seaside installation can be made
completely silent so that it can run completely unattended.

By Michel Bany []

Art work from Vassili Bykov []