PackageDescription: SeasideSeaChart(Bundle)

Seaside Sea Chart

Last published: September 29, 2007 by 'mbany'

SeaChart bundle, CSS and Javascript goodies for Seaside

Pre-requisite: SeasideScriptaculous.
This bundle contains heavy graphics and is therefore quite large.
Individual parcels are available in the SeaChart folder.

- Crossfade (Javascript)
Creates an sildeshow of images and crossfades between them. Based on Image Cross Fade Redux.
Version 1.0
Last revision: 02.15.2006
Rewrite of old code found here:

- CSSBarGraph (CSS)
A bar graph library based on CSS and XHTML. It is based on CSS FOR BAR GRAPHS

- FadeIn (Javascript)
A function to show an "image loading" message and subsequent fade-in of a photo.
Inspired by the Flash-like effect on Couloir .
Based on "Onload image fades without Flash"
See also

- NumberedList (CSS)
Port of "Beautifully Numbered Lists" but changed so that it validates.

- PlotKit (Javascript)
PlotKit is a Chart and Graph Plotting Library for Javascript.
It has support for HTML Canvas and also SVG via Adobe SVG Viewer.
It has support for native browser support.
It is based on PlotKit 0.9.1 by Alastair Tse and supports IE emulation via excanvas.

PlotKit.PlotKit 0.9.1 : PACKED VERSION
For more information, .
Copyright (c) 2006. Alastair Tse.
MochiKit.MochiKit 1.3.1 : PACKED VERSION
See for documentation, downloads, license, etc.
(c) 2005 Bob Ippolito. All rights Reserved.
Copyright 2006 Google Inc.
License, see

- Reflection (Javascript)
A unobtrusive script that adds a reflection all images with the class "reflect".
Port of reflection.js.

Prototype JavaScript framework, version 1.3.1
(c) 2005 Sam Stephenson
Prototype is freely distributable under the terms of an MIT-style license.
For details, see the Prototype web site:

Reflection.js v0.4 Scripts by
Andreas Linde
Freely distributable under MIT-style license.

- StarRater (CSS)
A star rater made just of CSS and no JavaScript. Based on CSS Star Rating Part Deux.

- protoGrowl (Javascript)
protoGrowl is a Javascript tool based on the Prototype library.
It enables developers to display bubble-styled user interface messages
inspired by the Growl notification system for Mac OS X.
More information

- SeaChartDemo (Javascript CSS)
A demo application collecting the SeaChart CSS and Javascript goodies.

Port from (none)