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Seaside Meteoroid

Last published: July 10, 2009 by 'lfernandez'

SeasideMeteoroid framework is an implementation of Comet (1) on top of Seaside.
The main idea of SeasideMeteoroid is to have a live and endless connection between some web browser and the Seaside application.
This is reach by leaving an open connection with the browser which had request a Seaside site. Then, the only thing you need to use is JavaScript and AJAX to "send messages" into the client.

This work is based in the work of Lukas Renggli in SeasideComet.

For live examples see the bundle Meteoroid-Examples :)
Further reading (recommendable to read):


++++ Handy Developing stuff: ++++

WARegistry clearAllHandlers.
Smalltalk garbageCollect

"+++++++++++++++++++++ To clean all the dependencies +++++++++++++++++++++"

SharedCounterModel SharedInsertionModel SharedMeteoroidPageInspector SharedSimpleChatModel

announcer := SharedSimpleChatModel.
subscriptions := announcer default subscriptionRegistry allSubscriptions.
announcer default subscriptionRegistry removeSubscriptions: subscriptions.
announcer := subscriptions := nil

"+++++++++++++++++++++ To see what's happening with handlers and pages +++++++++++++++++++++"
MozillaHandler allInstances select: [ :e| e streamedResponse isNil not ]

Counter allInstances select: [ :e | e handler isNil not and: [e handler state class = RunningState] ]

MozillaHandler allInstances select: [ :e | e state class = RunningState]

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This package is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
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Copyright Fernandez, Juan Lautaro (,
Robles, Santiago (,
Andres Fortier (,
Year 2009.

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