PackageDescription: SeasideForSwazoo2.2

Seaside For Swazoo 2 . 2

Last published: May 11, 2009 by 'lfernandez'

Defines 5 Classes
Extends 19 Classes

This package will load the latest Cincom's Seaside version, Swazoo 2.2beta1 and then it will instantiate the necessary objects that connect both frameworks.

It will also popup window after the installation to set some properties like port, uri pattern and so.
It also will ask you if you want to load Scriptaculous and the Meteoroid framework.
We really encourage to install Scriptaculous with the popup window, because this will avoid to load a lot of unnecesary stuff(because of the prerequisites).

Things to know about this package:
- It's harcoded to work only with Swazoo 2.2beta1. !!!!
In fact, if you want to replicate into another StORE you must replicate Swazoo 2.2beta1
with the same VERSION name. If you want to change the name, check the Development
prerequs of this package to mantain some consistency.
You also can load Swazoo first (obviouly, 2.2beta1 version!), and then this package.
- The packages of Seaside's framework are provided by Cincom, and my intention is not to
change them at all. So, it will load bunch of stuff we don't need (for instance, 4 packages
of Opentalk-*pattern*). But this won't be a problem, after loading this package all of
them will be unloaded, but if you had a previous installation of Seaside all of those packages
won't be removed.

+ Doing multiple refreshes on a page will trigger an exception (to reproduce press F5 until you see it)
+ This package it's harcoded to work with 2.2beta1, some changes are needed to work with Swazoo2.2 stable release.

Fernandez, Juan Lautaro (,
Andres Fortier (,
Year 2009.

If this license does not fit you, contact the authors.