PackageDescription: SeasideForOpentalkRepackager

Seaside For Opentalk Repackager

Last published: December 30, 2007 by 'rwhitney'

Defines 1 Classes
Extends 1 Classes

Organizes core Seaside classes into multiple packages to match Seaside organization in Squeak.

In the beta versions of SeasideForOpentalk a single package containing the about 300 core Seaside classes. This hack creates a bundle, Seaside-Core, and usings packages recreates the Seaside category structure in Squeak. The "Seaside-Core" bundle is placed inside the outer most "Seaside" bundle.

After loading SeasideForOpentalk and this package execute :

"SeasideRepackager run"

Tested with VW 7.6 (waldo dec07.2 - Dec 14, 2007) and SeasideForOpentalkin that version of VW (Seaside 2.8a1-lr.518 19).