PackageDescription: Seaside-Swazoo(Bundle)

Seaside - Swazoo

Last published: October 30, 2007 by 'mbany'

This parcel/bundle provides a VisualWorks port and basic integration of the "Seaside" continuation-based web application development framework. Note that Seaside and this port are not a supported part of Cincom Smalltalk. For more information on Seaside see

This port relies on the VisualWorks Swazoo, and creates a SeasideResource which handles all seaside requests and delegates them to the Seaside framework. The port was done primarily by Michel Bany,

The GIF support and some of the cookie support were borrowed from VisualWave.

Installation Notes -
When loaded from a parcel:
The parcel needs to be loaded after the SeasideBase parcel
When loaded from the Cincom public Store repository:
The bundle needs to be loaded after the Seaside-VW and Seaside bundles

SeasideBase and Swazoo are declared as a pre-requisites and therefore will be automatically
installed while loading this bundle/parcel, if necessary.

Some options are selectable via dialogs during the load of this bundle/parcel.
1. Automatic setup of a sample HTTP Swazoo server on port 8888

If you elected to use the automatic setups, you should be able to surf to

If you elected not to use the automatic setups, you will have to do things manually:
1. Edit the sites.cnf file to include the following for Seaside

2.Execute the statement below in a Workspace
SwazooServer configureFrom: 'sites.cnf'

Keywords: Web, Continuations, HTML, Internet, Squeak, Swazoo, CSS