PackageDescription: Seaside-Mootools

Seaside - Mootools

Last published: February 6, 2009 by 'tkogan'

Defines 3 Classes
Extends 7 Classes

This package provides Mootools 1.2b for Seaside. To use it, include Mootools.MootoolsLibrary in to your Seaside application.

The Javascript world has many good libraries now, such as Mootools, jQuery, Prototype+Scriptaculous and other notables and to a degree they all have different histories, strengths and weaknesses.

Prototype was the first major player on the scene and from it came Scriptaculous. Mootools is a Class oriented javascript framework that is very small, lightweight and extremely power. Mootools is comparable to Prototype in that it aims to enhance a javascript developers experience. These frameworks also make many functions you use in javascript cross-browser compatible.

Unlike Scriptaculous (with Prototype), Mootools comes with few pre-packaged goodies, but instead lays out a framework with libraries for you to exploit, therefore this package opens up Mootools for for the Javascript developer, not the Smalltalk developer.

The philosophy of this package is to provide Mootools for Seaside and to aid the Smalltalk developer in building reusable Javascript components / classes. It does this by the means of MooBrush and MooCallback.

MooCallback allows you register anonymous entry points back in to your application to run a block of code.
MooBrush is subclassed to build a combination of a Smalltalk class, Javascript class and CSS stylings to build Seaside widgets.