PackageDescription: SVGViewer(Bundle)

SVG Viewer

Last published: September 7, 2018 by 'heeg'

This package uses the XMLParser to read the DOM from an SVG string, which then is converted to a SVGDocument on a second pass, displaying the result using Cairo.
Using the XMLParser ensures that any SVG can be at least read, while the second pass might skip some of the available attributes and properties.
The hierarchy of SVGObjects has been extended, handling of some of the attributes has been refined.
Nevertheless, several features of SVG described on the W3C-Website ( are not supported, animation and interactivity being the major ones.
While support for all CSS color constant names is available, the usage of real world units is not implemented.

The SmaccParser used in the previous version is still available. It has been developed by Annick Fron, ( with some parts from Scarab and earlier work on SVG in the public repository.
The tests for the parser are also still in the package. The syntax is not complete, and for instance the xmlns attribute is not handled, but the package presents no less than 200 examples.

To see examples, look at the SVGViewer-Tests package TestParseAndDraw

For test purposes, the binding to Librsvg external library has been kept.