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S Unit Too

Last published: April 5, 2013 by 'tgriggs'

Defines 15 Classes
Extends 20 Classes

SUnitToo is an alternate implementation to the SUnit project. It is a VisualWorks specific implementation. It tries to be as API compatible as possible with the original SUnit APIs. It's architecture is "simplified" and done in such a way that writing tools like that of SUnitToo(ls) that integrate tightly with the browser is possible.

There are a variety of small differences (like that TestCase is declared in SUnit, not XProgramming). One interesting addition of note is that tests need not begin with the 'test' prefix, but can instead be tagged using a method tag (pragma) using .

Please publish changes on dot branches. I tend to try and stay on top of this pretty closely.

Besides the near essential SUnitToo(ls) package, there is also some interesting experiment packages that go along with SUnitToo:
SUnitTooCancellations - adds support for cancellable tests
SUnitToo(verage) - adds support for gathering coverage information on tests
DakarTesting - Supports running SUnitToo TestCases.

A lengthy article was written about the original devleopment here:

Doing a search on the same blog site for SUnitToo will turn up more recent news.