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S Unit Too (ls )

Last published: April 12, 2013 by 'nross'

Defines 4 Classes
Extends 24 Classes

I am the tools/UI companion for the SUnitToo package. I add a set of status widgets to the browsers status panel. There are 3 ways of running tests:

1) Normal running (the arrow/flask icon)
2) Debug (the microscope icon)
3) Step into (arrow into flask icon)

A screen cast showing some of the newer features of the tool set is here:

I offer the following features.

* When debugging, assertion failures and other errors open the debugger immediately, right in the spot the failure occured.

* " Step Into" is an SUnitToo(ls) specific feature, it's handy for debugging tests from the front to the back, not just figuring out what went wrong, but why it went wrong.

* Number of tests to run is shown, color feedback to show the last run.

* Method and class level icons to show the last tested status of either

* Automatic Buffer swapping between classes and their associated test classes

* Ability to convert to/from XProgramming.SUnit.TestCase classes (quite common to load up some classic SUnit test cases, convert them, do development, then convert back)

* Menu option for creating a test case for a given non-test case class

* Comprehensive feedback widget for long running tests (see the screencast)

* Ability to halt/cancel long running tests