PackageDescription: SOCKS5Client

SOCKS 5 Client

Last published: March 20, 2006 by 'wmayer'

Defines 14 Classes
Extends 15 Classes

Partial SOCKS5 proxy client implementation.

Support for outgoing TCP connections with proxies not requiring authentication should work.
The remaining SOCKS5 features (UDP connections, server sockets, password authentication) have
not been tested (not even run).
GSSAPI authentication is not implemented.

Edit SocksClient>>initializeDefault and SocksClient>>initializeDefaultRoutes
to adapt the proxy settings for your network; re-execute the methods to
update the configuration variables.

This package overloads some StORE methods to support accessing the Cincom PostgreSQL repository
through a proxy server. See PostgreSQLConnection>>socketSession to get an idea on how to use
the SOCKS client.

- Wolfgang
wolfgang dot mayer at unisa dot edu dot au