PackageDescription: Roassal2(Bundle)

Roassal 2

Last published: December 10, 2021 by 'niallr'

On Windows (7 through 10), this version of Roassal requires Cairo library version 1.10.2 (provided in VisualWorks 8.3 and after) and does not work with version 1.14.2. Both versions of the Cairo library are provided in VisualWorks 8.3.1 and after, with the relevant ExternalInterface class definition data set to see the older version. With a small code change, a knowledgeable user can move to the new version and load a later compatible version of Roassal from the Cincom Open repository, should they so wish.

Roassal2 was developed from Roassal, which was in turn developed from Mondrian. This contains the functional code for Roassal2 in VisualWorks.

This is an interactive visualisation engine. A short Smalltalk script lets you define what you view, assigning metrics of your data to define the shape, size and colour of your views.

Information, tutorials, screencasts and more, can be found at