PackageDescription: Regex11

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Last published: June 29, 2021 by 'stm'

Defines 29 Classes
Extends 30 Classes

This provides standard regex searching, matching and editing facilities. The RBRegexExtensions package prereqs this and offers a UI for its use in searching code. It is provided to the Smalltalk community in hope it will be useful. See the `documentation' protocol of RxParser class for user's guide.

Tests are included. To run all tests, logging the results to the Transcript, do
RxParser.LoggingEnabled := true.
RxParser runTestsForMatcher: RxMatcher

To rerun failures only, do
RxParser.LoggingEnabled := true.
RxParser runRegexTestsForMatcher: RxMatcher suite: RxParser failureSuite.

To run tests without logging (much faster), do
RxParser.LoggingEnabled := false.
Transcript cr;
print: (Time microsecondsToRun: [RxParser runTestsForMatcher: RxMatcher]);
space; show: 'microseconds'; cr.