PackageDescription: RegExThing

Reg Ex Thing

Last published: December 24, 2004 by 'bobw'

Defines 2 Classes
Extends 3 Classes

This package just provides a dopey little GUI that will highlight text that matches a particular Regex. There is a a new menu on the Launcher, under Tools, called RegExThing. You can then paste whatever is in your paste buffer into the lower half of the GUI, and in the input field type your expression. As you type, any matches in the text will be highlighted.

There are also three example methods on the class side that show a regex and its matches the body of text. Here are three do-its that you will open the examples:

Examples.RegExThing example1.
Examples.RegExThing example2.
Examples.RegExThing example3.

This package requires at least the at least the 1.1c version of Vassili Bykov's Regex11 package. It would also be useful to have an understanding of regular expressions, since the GUI provides no help.

Thanks to Vassili for some tips on how to use Regex11, and for fixing up the label to show matches and non-empty matches.

-- Bob Westergaard