PackageDescription: RefactoringBrowserTests(Bundle)

Refactoring Browser Tests

Last published: January 22, 2008 by 'niallr'

See the comments of contained packages for detailed information. This bundle contains tests for the Refactoring Browser. Which version is tested should be obvious from this bundle's version string:

- version strings with 'Base' in their name contain John Brant's tests, as modified by Niall Ross to run on the appropriate released version of the Refactoring Browser

- other versions also contain tests for features added by the Custom Refactoring and Rewrite Editor usability project

In VW7.2 and earlier, these tests were stored in the bundle 'Refactoring Browser Tests' in the open repository. In VW7.2.1 and after, this bundle is renamed to 'RefactoringBrowserTests'.