PackageDescription: Refactoring Browser(Bundle)

Refactoring Browser

Last published: February 6, 2004 by 'niallr'

Camp Smalltalk 7, Release Candidate 3

This bundle contains a line-up of compatible Custom Refactoring project versions of the basic packages of the Refactoring Browser, plus the project package:
- RBCustomRefactorings
and compatible versions of John Brant's packages:
- RBDynamicRefactorings
- RBDynamicRefactoringsUI
To facilitate combining our work with other Refactoring Browser add-ons, it does not contain any packages that are neither part of the Refactoring Browser base nor worked on by the Custom Refactoring project (e.g. it does not contain the RBSUnitExtensions package). This bundle exists solely to group its components into compatible versions and to establish their loading order; you can load it or only its components (in order), whichever you prefer.

See the comment of the RBCustomRefactorings package for details of how this version differs from the standard VW7.1 Refactoring Browser.