PackageDescription: Recurrences


Last published: June 1, 2005 by 'quixotik'

Defines 8 Classes
Extends 14 Classes

The code in this package provides for a set of objects that may help in modeling things that occur repetitively in time.
The implementation is loosely based on the iCalendar specification (see
There is no documentation, but there is a package called RecurrencesTesting that contains test cases
for the examples provided in the specification.

It will undoubtedly contain bugs and is definitely incomplete but nonetheless usable. It has been retrofitted to work
with the Squeak-Chronos package. However at this point the code does not use the Duration class, because if
memory serves me right I was having severe performance problems with integer overflowing (lots of LargeInteger).

Feel free to fix any bugs or report them to the e-mail below.

Robin (