PackageDescription: ROE(Bundle)


Last published: April 26, 2004 by 'btaylor'

Name: ROE
Summary: Relational Object Expressions
Author: Avi Bryant
Ported By: Brett Taylor >

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Current version: 36

A library for manipulating relational queries as first class Smalltalk expressions, and generating SQL from them.

There's no documentation yet, but you can maybe muddle through using the test cases and some comments I made on my blog here: .

Requires the PostgreSQL Client.

Porting Notes:
In order to port this code - there were several areas of compatibility that had to be handled between Squeak and VW. One of the glaring differences between VW and Squeak is how comparisons between Strings and Symbols are handled. Squeak allows Characters and Symbols with identical characters to return true to the equality method #=. This is not the case in VW.

Also, The Postgress database client libraries are different. The RATestPostgresSemantics>>connection reflects the changes.

Future extensions should handle this and the addition of other database platforms.