PackageDescription: RBQuickNavToolset

RB Quick Nav Toolset

Last published: February 20, 2009 by 'eperez'

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Extends 8 Classes

This package contains a set of utilities that provide behavior for tabbed browser navigation.

- First built into RBBlueMagic, but separated for reutilization.
- Now its the common resources repository for both BlueMagic and MethodSniffer.
- The method RB>>newBufferAndConfig: aBlock that opens a new tab and performs the block configuration without repainting it until the end of the block.
- Check #newPassiveBufferInClass: aClass andSelector: aSelector for a complete example on how to use it.
- A QuickNavToolset class that holds a bunch of utility methods for navigation, used in RBBlueMagic and in RBMethodSniffer.
- An addon for BrowserTextTool to act upon the mouse pointer instead of the current cursor (for selected node), use it sending #setRelativeToMouse and #unsetRelativeToMouse to QuickNavToolset.
- Same for cursor index.
- An addon for paragraph editor to comment code, just send commentSelection to any ParagraphEditor controller.

[To Do]: Check for duplicated behavior.

Emiliano PĂ©rez