PackageDescription: RBMethodSniffer

RB Method Sniffer

Last published: July 29, 2011 by 'eperez'

Defines 3 Classes
Extends 4 Classes

MethodSniffer is a little RB addon that allows you to see method definitions in the source code by hovering over a method selector.
When the mouse cursor is over a selector with a static receiver (self, super or class reference) or a selector with only one implementor, pressing the alt key will show a little floatting window with the method definition.
It works with the RefactoringBrowser, the Debugger and the Inspector.

Prerequisites: RBQuickNavToolset, RBCodeHighlighting.

At the moment there is no configuration GUI (thre's not much to configure), but It's still possible to disable the sniffer for a specific aplication, or to change the window color, see MethodSniffer class comments to know how do theese things.
Great companion for RBBlueMagic by the way, it gives you a sneak peak of the method before you actually open it. By default configurations it should work like this: [alt & hover] to see, [alt & ctrl & middle-click] to go.

This was first inspired by some features of SearchLight, so credit should also go for the people who worked on it (i think Michael Lucas-Smith and Tamara Kogan, from what i see in the public repo).

Any suggestion or bug report will be most welcome.

Emiliano PĂ©rez