PackageDescription: RBCustomBrowserUI

RB Custom Browser UI

Last published: May 1, 2010 by 'BaseSystem'

Defines 2 Classes
Extends 8 Classes

I add a menu item to the RB's 'Browser' menu: 'View '. Choosing this restricts the browser's environment to the selected pundle; it also changes the menu item to 'View Whole System', which allows you to revert to viewing the entire image. The resulting view is the same as that which would be obtained by invoking 'Spawn' in the Package menu to open a fresh RB on the pundles, but lets you swap between specific and whole-system views in the same window while preserving your class and method selections. The environment of the restricted browser is likewise the same: using the 'Local ...' menu items to search for classes and methods will find only those in the selected pundle(s). If a single bundle is selected, it is expanded on first opening in the restricted browser.