PackageDescription: RBClassDefinitionTool

RB Class Definition Tool

Last published: June 8, 2011 by 'mkobetic'

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This is a fairly raw form based RB tool for creating and modifying class and shared variable definitions.

It's fairly trivial (start by looking at a class with some instance variables), but the thing that got me to whip it up in the first place is a combined "variable + variable comment" view (the large text pane on the right). The variable comments are extracted and stored in the class comment with the usual convention (starting with a line 'Instance Variables' ending with an empty line, similarly for class inst vars and shared vars).

The shared variable form does not support comments largely because there isn't a standard way to store them, however it has a real source text pane for the initializer (with optional syntax highlighting) which is much more readable than the string literal in the template based tool. Quite handy for more complex initializers.

Note that for the cases that it cannot handle yet, e.g. namespace definition and classes with extended definition (e.g. ExternalInterface subclasses) it falls back to the standard template based definition tool automatically. The form based tool can be easily (de)activated through the Tools menu or Settings.