PackageDescription: Prolog(Bundle)


Last published: January 5, 2019 by 'mtarizzo'

| Prolog interpreter written in Smalltalk
From the initial Goodies for VisualWorks 2.5/2.5J and VisualWave 1.0
Copyright (C) 1995-1997 AOKI Atsushi
Adapted from GNU Smalltalk
| Written by Aoki Atsushi and Nishihara Satoshi.
| Modified by Paolo Bonzini (removed GUI).
Modified for VW 7.10 - Martial Tarizzo

- PrologCore (core classes, nearly same as GNU, some minor modifications)
- PrologShell : GUI

“Prolog In Smalltalk” (PiS) is a processing system (interpreter) of Prolog conforming to Dec-10 Prolog notation.
Everything in PiS is prefix notation, prefix / infix / postfix with op predicates cannot be defined.

The Prolog bundle contains two packages:
• PrologCore
• PrologShell
PrologCore is the main package, containing 15 classes.
The main class is the interpreter (PrologInterpreter) with two public methods (refute: and refute:action:)

A very simple GUI is in the package PrologShell. A subclass of PrologInterpreter (PrologShellInterpreter) is used
as an example of interaction between Prolog and VisualWorks.

See packages comment for details.

See also:
where a documentation is available ( "Prolog In Smalltalk - documentation.pdf" )

To test :
Prolog.PrologShell open