PackageDescription: ProgrammingExtensions

Programming Extensions

Last published: April 7, 2005 by 'cmontei'

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Extends 21 Classes

This parcel adds a number of useful or not so useful menu items to various tools.

To the Launcher's tools menu adds a Differator item that opens a simple diff tool.

To the Browser's selector menu it adds a utilities submenu that allows convenient editing of resource and interfaceSpec methods. To the browser's class menu it adds extra class-wide browsing facilities such as subclass responsibilities and methods containing a specific string.

To the Browser and Debugger it adds 'inspect' and 'copySelector' to the selector or context list menu. 'inspect' inspects the selected method. 'copy selector' copies the selector of the selected method to the paste buffer.

To the VisualLauncher it adds 'Trim Changes' to the Changes menu. This cuts-back the changes file discarding any changes since the last snapshot. This is *very* dangerous, and only to be used by the unhealthily neat.