PackageDescription: Paste It Everywhere

Paste It Everywhere

Last published: January 9, 2005 by 'bobw'

Defines 10 Classes
Extends 17 Classes

Paste It Everwhere is just a simple little tool that allows you to have a shared clipboard on each machine you run it on. It uses Opentalk to paste clipboard entries to other clipboards, and multicast when starting up to announce to other instances of this tool that it is ready for some clipboard action.

The main classes are ClipboardViewer and Broker. To open up the ClipboardViewer do:
ClipboardViewer open
in a workspace.

This package is intended for VisualWorks 7.3, and might not work with earlier versions of VisualWorks.

The prerequisites for this package are:
Windows Goodies
Windows TrayIcons

This package also contains a few overrides to the the system and Windows TrayIcons package that you should be review, if you decide to keep this package loaded into your devlopment image. There are also a few extension methods to Windows Goodies parcel to help the Windows TrayIcons package position menus in a more suitable location.

- Bob Westergaard