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Parcel Deployment

Last published: April 1, 2013 by 'randy'

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# ParcelDeployment

ParcelDeployment adds a menu item to the Package menu called "Deploy (w/ Prereqs)". Selecting this option will prompt for a directory and then save the selected Pundle(s) and all of their deployment pre-requisites (that are in the current Store database) as parcels with source in the specified directory. It doesn't re-deploy parcels that are already present and up-to-date. Modified parcels are given a different version string so that they can be distinguished from published parcels. It deploys the parcel in such a way that the source pointers stay where they are and don't move to the deployed sources file.

This package is helpful if you deploy your system as a base image plus parcels. You can deploy a parcel from your image to test a fix without going through an entire build process. Also, the code for deploying parcels can be used as part of an automated build process (see StoreCI-Building, for example).

ParcelDeployment is licensed under the MIT license. See the Copyright tab in the RB or the 'notice' property of this package.

# Contributing

I'm happy to receive bug fixes and improvements to this package. If you'd like to contribute, please publish your changes as a "branch" (non-integer) version in the Public Store Repository and contact me as outlined below to let me know. I will merge your changes back into the "trunk" as soon as I can review them.

# Contact Information

If you have any questions about ParcelDeployment and how to use it, feel free to contact me.

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