PackageDescription: PDFtalk Snooper VW overrides

PD Ftalk Snooper VW overrides

Last published: January 15, 2021 by 'chaider'

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Contains overrides to VW as prerequisite for the {PDFtalk UI} bundle

This package exists in different versions applicable to different VW versions to allow overrides to specific versions without affecting the others.

The problem: there is a buggy method in VW version 9.0.x (UI.DocumentView>>#newFlowWithDocument:) which I fixed with an override. The same methods exists in VW 8.3 with a different implementation which is not buggy.
In order to be compatible with VW 8.3 (the latest PUL version at the time of writing), I need to load the override in VW 9.0 and NOT load it in the VW 8.3.
Therefore, two versions of this package exist: one with and one without the fix. They are labeled with the corresponding VW version.