PackageDescription: OmniBaseTracker

Omni Base Tracker

Last published: January 26, 2006 by 'michael'

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This package uses ModTracking (preview of VW7.3.1/7.4) to manage OmniBase objects for you.

Basically, it removes the need to call markDirty -ever- even on OrderedCollection's. You simply register your root object in the root and any other object added to the tree will become managed.

Any changes to any of the objects will automatically mark the owning object as dirty.


| omni txn |
omni := OmniBase openOn: 'foo'.
txn := omni newTransaction.
OmniBase getCurrentAndSet: txn for: Processor activeProcess.
(txn root at: 'users') add: User new.
txn commit

In this example, usually you'd have to mark the collection at 'users' to be dirty, but because of the OmniBaseTracker, you don't. It handles it for you. Likewise, if you read the object back and modify it, it will automatically mark itself dirty too.