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Omni Base

Last published: December 12, 2006 by 'markr'

Defines 114 Classes
Extends 136 Classes

OmniBase is a multi-user, fully object-oriented database for Smalltalk.

OmniBase provides a complete solution for multi-user access to shared objects, persistency, transactions with two-phase commit, pessimistic concurrency control and object level locking. This version of OmniBase is fully functional, including the garbage collector, development documentation and sources.

Documentation is provided in the form of two HTML files: OmniBase-tutorial and OmniBase-API reference, both located in the OmniBase directory.

OmniBase is *free* for use in both commercial and educational applications. However, OmniBase is prohibited for use in the oil or military industries. This version of OmniBase is provided "as is" for commercial and educational purposes. The source code and other information and documentation it contains is COPYRIGHTed (C) by David Gorisek. Portions of the source code can not be extracted or used without prior author's permission. By downloading or loading the source code packages of OmniBase you agree with these conditions.

Support for OmniBase is available from IT consulting Gorisek d.o.o. on a paid for basis where we charge based on consulting/development work hours. A minimum of 8 hours per assignment/task/(mini) project will be charged.

For details about functionality and service, contact Gorisek d.o.o. at or . Gorisek d.o.o. reserves the right not to answer OmniBase related e-mails if no support contract or agreement is prearranged. Please direct your questions regarding OmniBase to standard Smalltalk newsgroups comp.lang.smalltalk and comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphin, or send e-mail to Squeak e-mail list.