PackageDescription: ObservedUserInterface - examples

Observed User Interface - examples

Last published: June 27, 2007 by 'ardent'

Defines 5 Classes
Extends 5 Classes

Take a look at and understand the methods in CustomerApp, CustomerListApp, and ChooseCustomerApp.
Also look at the Customer model, and the use of announcements in its setter methods.
Note where the announcments are used in the construction of CustomerApp.

They are simple apps. Most of the code in the apps is simply constructing the interface.

The most helpful concept to grasp is application reuseabilty.
Look at #createInterface in ChooseCustomerApp. The two code pieces:
customerListApp := CustomerListApp new.
CustomerApp in: customerListApp
is all that is needed to tie the two apps together in a meaningful and useful way.

Copy these examples to a workspace, highlight and "doit"
CustomerApp open

(CustomerApp value: (Customer samples first)) open

CustomerListApp open

ChooseCustomerApp open